Specialist fertility coaching and emotional therapy

Do you often find yourself asking ‘why’?

Why isn’t it working? Why can’t I get it right? Why can I not stop thinking about it?

It’s such a familiar script. Why? Because I’ve been there too. I know how hard you’re trying. And what an isolating place you’re in.

Hearing ‘I’m sorry’ for the hundredth time. Learning that yet another friend has announced her own pregnancy.

I can help you work out ‘why’. I’m a fertility coach and I help women like you who are struggling to get pregnant, or stay pregnant. I promise you can come through this.

My coaching sessions use the same therapies and techniques I used during my own fertility journey, which resulted in my beautiful daughter, Willow.

You can read more about my story here >

Fertility coaching can help you to…

  • Develop a healthier understanding and acceptance of the whole fertility process
  • Learn strategies to deal with the potential fear and disappointment
  • Experience a whole new peace of mind

We can stop it from taking over your life

I can’t guarantee that your fertility journey will result in having a baby – I wish I could.

However, we can hugely improve your chances of a successful pregnancy. And along with that will be a complete change of mindset and a new sense of calm.

No more of the internal anguish you’re currently experiencing.

Please read more about my approach and if there’s anything you’d like me to explain in more detail, please just get in touch. You can also look at my fertility coaching packages to see how we can work together. Or perhaps would like explore why you might want to work with me.

Vicki, who had a baby, says of her long fertility journey:

‘It was affecting my health, friendships, family life and my relationship with my husband. It was affecting the whole of my life and stopping me moving forward. Liz taught me to find my inner strength, and helped me build a buffer of resilience to cushion the blows. Thank you, it’s been life changing, literally!’

You can read more kind words from my clients here.

I know at the moment, your only route to happiness seems to be a successful pregnancy. But I want to assure you that you’ll be okay – whatever the outcome. You’ll be happier and healthier and have the tools to help you with this stressful and emotional journey.

I would love to chat to you to see if I can help

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Fertility coaching packages

Please look at my fertility coaching packages to see the ways in which we can work together.