Fertility Coaching Packages

Helping you to conceive a new way

Trauma and tension are held within the unconscious mind and stored within cells and tissues of the body, referred to as cellular memory, similar to how a computer stores data. The body is a storehouse of emotions and the lack of ease or dis-ease is what follows.

I have 22 years’ experience in health and wellbeing, and gently assists the mind and body to release mental, physical and emotional tension.

As your therapist and coach, we can engage 4 these ways

In your own time

Individual 90 min session


This offers a flexible option tailored to your time commitments and needs. You might prefer to work together short term or long term. You can choose what you think will work best for you.

If you are unsure if you should have a few individual sessions or work Intensely in a 3 hour session, please contact me and we can have a chat about what is best for you.


3 hr session and a follow up 45 min call 1 month later


If you want to get to the core of an issue as quickly as possible or don’t have much time to spare. Work on your issue intensely, quickly and efficiently to achieve your desired outcome.

This includes The Journey (guided meditation) and Transform Your Mind (talking therapy). Perfect for Smoking Cessation, with which I have had I have 100% success.

WillowsWay Fertility Package

8 sessions over 2 months (Durations: 3 x 90 mins, 3 x 2 hrs, 1 x 1 hr)


Where we look at the emotional blockages that are hindering your fertility. Uncovering the scars that the microscope can’t pick up. Finding out WHY it’s not working and create a new path, so you can conceive a new way.

In depth

8 x 2 hour fortnightly sessions over 4 months


Personal Coaching Programme that gets to the core issues that have been holding you back from creating the life you desire. A profoundly deep inner  journey, working extensively on every level.

We’ll work with understanding life patterns, family and genetics, cellular memory, deep emotional healing and release and inner child processes. You are enabled to let go, gain clarity and feel freedom!

I look forward to helping you conceive a new way!

Do get in touch if you have any questions.