Testimonials for coaching with Liz Walton

“Liz truly is a healing angel.  It went to see her in early 2014, having struggled to get pregnant for 2.5 years.  Her 12 week Transformational Life coaching program is a gift & I highly recommend it.

Together we worked through various issues to give me closure + processed lots of emotional pain that I’ve been carrying around for years.  Liz works in a safe, caring way. The hardest part is making that first call! I really believe that the “pain” has been stopping me from getting pregnant.  Now I feel free from my baggage + am excited about the future.  Also after an operation + 1 cycle of IVF – I’m pregnant!  If there’s something holding you back + you want to sort it out + definitely book to see Liz.”
 – Vicki Hunt, UK

“I had 4 failed IVF cycles, including a missed miscarriage at 9.5 wks. I felt very low and negative and I wanted to reach a destination within our journey, whatever was to be.

Liz and I worked over skype (or something similar) and addressed these issues each week by delving into past and things I had experienced prior to IVF.

I felt more able to cope and face our next cycle of IVF. I also addressed issues I had from miscarriage.

I would highly recommend Liz. She is so kind and warm. It really feel like she cares about your situation. I had previously seen counsellors before and the big thing missing was their lack of experience with IVF and infertility. Ultimately Liz showed me what I could achieve by letting go.”
– Emma, UK

“Before we worked together, I was really struggling with coming to terms with my miscarriages. I’d had 5, I was 45 and knew that it was probably too late for me to have children and it was breaking my heart.

Working with Liz was an exceptionally healing process, she provided a safe space to grieve, to understand, to cry and share but most importantly to visualise positively, I was stuck in a never ending thought process of doom and sadness. I couldn’t imagine any positive outcome or even dare to imagine one.

Liz showed me ways to visualise, not to give up hope, to look towards the future I did want instead of concentrating on the future I didn’t want. Instead of imaging holding my newly born baby – which I found so unbelievable, I couldn’t even go there, Liz gave me other ways to imagine the family unit that I wanted so badly.

This proved invaluable when I became pregnant again – this time with a donor egg. I’d only known pregnancies to end in loss, so I had to hang on to these new ways of thinking to stay on the positive and it helped me immeasurably.

I was able to stay on this positive path and have faith and when I strayed I could get back on quite quickly. This meant I was able to live each day in hope instead of fear. That pregnancy stuck and my beautiful baby girl, Daisy Rose, joined us in December 2017 when I was 46.

If you’re thinking of going to see Liz, call her now. Liz will help you see things in a different way – she will support you, she’ll be a safety net when you feel like you’re falling into a bottomless pit. She’ll use relaxation techniques mixed with mental /emotional /spiritual and practical strategies. Mainly – she understands – she’s been on her own journey, so she understands it.”
– Katy, UK

“When I first came to see Liz I was very distressed and lost. I remember saying that I wanted  to find a future. With Liz’s patience, understanding, love and support I have been able to rediscover my strengths, raise my self-esteem and feel hopeful again. I am now looking forwards with confidence and optimism.

Whilst some of the work created painful emotional moments the balance was some incredibly uplifting insights and experiences of great beauty and love. Liz is a very special woman doings very special things to bring joy back into peoples lives.”
– Dawn Johnson,UK

“I have experienced several sessions with Liz guiding me through a Journey process. I have found it so helpful especially when I am feeling ‘stuck’. I enter the process with an open mind now, as I am constantly surprised by what surfaces during the sessions. It is always what I need to deal with at that time. Liz has a wonderful, gentle approach which makes me feel ‘held’ during the process, a truly empowering experience.”
– Jenn, ACT

“I did a Journey with Liz in October 2008 and was pleased with the results in setting up and clarifying my direction in life. I was at a crossroads in my life and the Journey enabled me set out clearly what direction I would take to allow me to express my creativity in an interesting and abundant way. Liz’s skills in getting to the nub of the core issues that were holding me back in life were dexterous and effective. I highly recommend this process to keep your purpose and direction clear.”
– Satch, ACT

“I found my Journey experience with Liz to be much more than I had imagined. I doubted my ability to be able to build the pictures and follow the journey but with Liz’s expert storytelling she allowed me to build the pictures that I needed to assist my body to heal itself.

Liz has an excellent knowledge of the body mind connection and how it affects your health.”
– Janice, ACT

“I found Liz to be a highly motivating person in a calm , reassuring yet directive way, I felt very supported in my journey process, I started the session very unhappy about my life, and as it progressed I had a breakthrough with an ongoing issue, the unexpected result shifted me into a peaceful space within me. Thank you so much.”
– Elena, UK

“I am eternally grateful to Liz for helping me on my journey towards self acceptance.

She is deeply intuitive, doesn’t distract you with new age ‘fluffiness’ and gets right to the point.

Liz Walton is a wise old angel in human form.”
– Rosie Miles (Singer, songwriter Frome)

“I have experienced The Journey process as well as several NLP and Timeline therapy sessions with Liz and have found them a truly amazing, life changing experience. During these sessions I feel safe and comfortable and Liz guides me with wonderful understanding and reassurance.

I feel I am moving forward in my life and resolving old emotional issues that have been holding me back from being the person I know I can be.

I feel I have more self confidence, am more energised, motivated and inspired to follow my heart in all I do.”
– Cath, Australia

“Recently I have had a very serious illness and a lot of stress in my life. I started doing N.L.P. breakthrough sessions with Liz Walton for a few months and the results of these sessions have been amazing. I have been able to let go of stuck negative emotions stored in my body such as anger, resentment fear and unforgivness and I believe this is what was causing my illness.

After working through these emotions and releasing them, my health started to improve and I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from me. I am now back to perfect health again. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. This has been an extraordinary journey of self discovery and healing. Liz is an excellent therapist, warm and compassionate and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”
– Leone Reed

“I knew in my heart that something was not right or missing in my life and that only speaking to your mum once or twice a year and cringing at the thought of seeing her was not how I wanted to feel anymore and having so many feelings of hate, sadness, hurt and anger towards her was not good for anyone around me let alone what it was doing to me inside.

When I first saw Liz 20months ago I knew I had found someone who could help me. I had seen a counsellor before which was little to no help to me. Through NLP, time line therapy and journey work I knew I had found something that would work for me, I have been on and continue to be on an amazing, wonderful healing journey. Liz’s wonderful work has helped me so much that words just can’t describe the wonderful changes in my life.

I can honestly and proudly say now that I love my mum, and I call her once sometimes twice a week and look forward to seeing her, I would have never thought I could feel this way I now know that we can have a positive relationship.

I have a better understanding of family and what it means to me, have built and will continue to build a stronger relationship with my mum, feel I can do anything I put my mind to, I have more sense of my life’s purpose. I use to walk with my head down I now walk with my head held high.

Thank you Liz for all your wonderful help :-)”
– Mira

I have been having regular sessions with Liz and have found my experience with her totally inspiring. She provides a wonderfully safe and comfortable environment that only enhances the ability for her to guide you towards seeking the inner powers we all have to move forward in life with a more positive and healthy mental attitude. Although she is subtle in her coaching, I have experienced a few invaluable ‘lights on’ moments that I would not have reached easily without Liz’s guidance.

I cannot recommend Liz highly enough whether you are simply ‘a little stressed’ or you have more specific aims and goals in life and I am certain that after meeting with her you will agree!
– SD, UK

“I was given a voucher by my boss to have a treatment with Liz for Christmas – the moment I met Liz she put me at ease – I had a wonderful relaxing massage but felt very calm following my treatment & knew that I would be back to receive further help from Liz.

Following a phone call to Liz to discuss how she might be able to support me through a very difficult time in my life I had an initial consultation and agreed how best she could help me – even though what Liz was suggesting was like nothing else I had ever done and the fact that she didn’t want to fully explain the journey I would take as it is difficult to explain/describe – I trusted her judgement and that she had my beet interest at heart. My biggest desire was to be able to unravel all the thoughts and feelings constantly spinning around inside my head so that I could start to function fully again.

The initial session was mainly fact finding and whilst I felt some reservations on how my journey would progress Liz showed great patience, care and made me feel I could do this and change my deep rooted negative thoughts.

I was amazed at how easy I found it to “get inside myself” and to be able to visualise where my pain was within me, how it manifested itself and how easily I could find the resolutions I needed to release the blockers that were causing me so much distress by being guided skilfully through my journey with Liz as my guide.

Whilst I was emotionally drained following these sessions – a hot bath, some quiet time and an early night soon reinvigorated me and the following day I always felt I had made progress in my journey and that things were changing for me – sometimes this would be in a very obvious way and others more subtle small steps.

Although I went along to these sessions feeling that I knew what was causing me distress but that I didn’t know how to change it, in fact I found that this was not the ‘issue’ I found that Liz’s careful probing and searching questioning allowed me to find the route cause and work through them in a safe place with a trusted therapist.

Following the completion of my journey I felt relieved, released, free from guilt and more able to understand myself, what makes me tick and most importantly how I could live the rest of my life in a positive mindset having let go of the negativity, pain & guilt of my past.

I cannot recommend highly enough Liz as a therapist, she has a true gift of putting you at your ease quickly and almost a sixth sense of what you need from her to help you heal.

My life is so much better for having worked with Liz to follow my journey – I still at times of stress/anxiety use some of the skills she shared with me, especially the colour theory as I found this such a quick and easy way of judging/measuring how I was feeling.

Thank you Liz for showing me a way back to myself – you have a true gift to help people”
– Teresa Parker, UK

I am eternally grateful to Liz for helping me on my journey towards self acceptance.

She is deeply intuitive, doesn’t distract you with new age ‘fluffiness’ and gets right to the point.

Liz Walton is a wise old angel in human form.
– Rosie Miles

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