Vicki’s Case Study


  • I had been trying for 2 years to get pregnant
  • Had suffered a miscarriage
  • Alcoholic father and he had passed away
  • Childhood emotional baggage (since 11 years)
  • Unable to get pregnant and generally very unhappy
  • Stuck and lost

The impact of the issues on Vicky’s life

  • It was creating loads of stress, unhappiness, pain and anguish. It was affecting the whole of my life and stopping me moving forward
  • It was affecting my health, friendships, family life and my relationship with my husband
  • I felt really broken and that I couldn’t be fixed

The solutions we found

Being happy, having a better relationship with myself and with others.

Healing the past especially with my father…finding peace, acceptance and forgiveness. And above all, letting go.

I was ready to do something to change. Liz led, guided and held my hand through a carefully created process that allowed me to process, understand and accept the emotional trauma that had been holding me back.

Liz taught me that there was light inside of me and that I’m not the sum of my “shit”, or a result of my past influences.

Thoughts/feelings/moods are like clouds in the sky, they come and go. We don’t have to identify with them … it’s a passing emotion.

I am not my shit, the light shines through the shit!

Mantra – “It’s all going to be ok, whatever is happening – it’s all perfect.”

Liz taught me to find my inner strength, and helped me build a buffer of resilience to cushion the blows.

Learning to understand my father and his behaviour and see it from a place of love, helped me to let go and forgive him and move on, then create space for my future.

Self worth. Self acceptance.

The result

The impact was it allowed me to be ready to start a family with new healthy skills. Because if I had not resolved this issues, I would not have become a Mother.

I got pregnant then had a miscarriage, I was able to work through that with ease and acceptance… knowing I would be ok and that the future was unpredictable but welcome.

Then I got pregnant 6 months later and now I have a healthy baby and my problems are a lack of sleep!

Now I have a child, I haven’t gone back to my old job after maternity. It was trapping me and holding me back, so now I’m retraining to be a Nutritional Therapist. I now have the life I always wanted.

Thanks you, it’s been life changing, literally!