Canberra Times Writeup

Here is my interview published in The Canberra Times on Saturday 10 August 2019:

 Greg and Liz Walton at home in Queanbeyan with daughter Willow and Bella the dog.. Picture: Elesa Kurtz

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She is now 50, mum to four-year-old Willow, with husband Greg.

“I might not have the energy levels of someone in their 20s but I’m loving who I am and being confident and having inner peace,” she said.

And the Queanbeyan mum is passing on her experiences now as a fertility coach, drawing on her own experiences and 25 years researching holistic and alternative therapies.

Liz says it was only when she had given up on the dream of being a mother and worked to overcome some big emotional issues within her own life, that she did fall pregnant.

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Introducing Liz

Wow I am learning about blogging! And here I am writing into the ether about myself and will see what comes back. So who am I – Gosh what a great question!

I am Liz Walton formely Liz Fry and I am on a mission. This mission is a mission to find truth where ever it may lie and usually it is within me. That may sound easy but us humans live behind alot of lies in our lives and I have found it so far quite a journey. My journey so far (shortened of course).

Grew up overseas in 3rd world countries that gave me a passion for travel and people from all cultures and the realisation that no matter what religion your from it comes from the basic same truth. Hence I am of no religion but am a child of all religions the core truth. When we speak from the heart and are clear of our issues that hold us back we can stand in the fire of truth even if it hurts.

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