Introducing Liz

Wow I am learning about blogging! And here I am writing into the ether about myself and will see what comes back. So who am I – Gosh what a great question!

I am Liz Walton formely Liz Fry and I am on a mission. This mission is a mission to find truth where ever it may lie and usually it is within me. That may sound easy but us humans live behind alot of lies in our lives and I have found it so far quite a journey. My journey so far (shortened of course).

Grew up overseas in 3rd world countries that gave me a passion for travel and people from all cultures and the realisation that no matter what religion your from it comes from the basic same truth. Hence I am of no religion but am a child of all religions the core truth. When we speak from the heart and are clear of our issues that hold us back we can stand in the fire of truth even if it hurts.

Amazing childhood and had a time of the dark night of the soul that changed my life and threw me off course. The rest has been a path to find peace in my heart and soul. Wow what a path, journey and still continuing………!

Now facing the truth on growing older with fertility issues and having full acceptance of not being able to conceive my own child…….this I will continue to blog on in the future..thoughts….How I have found amazing resources to help in this path… and therapies…..Oh did I mention I am a therapist…with 17 years experience and the more I learn the less I know and realise there is just so much to learn and yet being in a state of not knowing can be the best place to be. I am creating workshops to help with letting go and acceptance….so many blessings in learning your path in the fire of truth.

A passion I have is facilitating and helping people to be all they can be, not having to be defined by their past and emotional baggage…again I shall blog more on this in time also. From my own experiences as well as tools and therapies to a help everyone step into their power and be who they were born to be.

Well I think that is a good first introduction to me and a first idea on blogging… watch this space and I look forward to opening in space and truth very soon.

Be The Change you wish to see in the World
– Ghandi

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