Coaching in Saltford near Bath and Bristol

Transformational Life Coaching and Leadership Development


Empower from Within and live the life you dream of!

We all know that life has its ups and downs. It is in this life that we learn to deal and cope with life’s amazing Journey with its twists and turns. It is these coping skills that give us the tools as to how we deal with life, either positively or not! A very important part of life is how we deal with these learning challenges and turn them into opportunities to grow and learn. Then developing the best skills and tools so that whatever life throws at us we may deal with it in a healthy and wholesome way.

You were Born to Shine!

Inspiration * Motivation * Transformation

Inspiration, Motivation and Transformation

I am very passionate about releasing the potential within you so you may be free from their negative and restricting past.

My mission is to support and facilitate you as you embark on an exciting journey of self discovery and personal growth.

To equip you with powerful tools with which you can learn to access their innate genius, enabling you to excel in all areas of their life.

Imagine if you could create the life of your dreams and fulfil every goal your heart desires, easily, effortlessly and faster that you thought was ever possible.

What would it feel like to be truly happy?


I work from Saltford which is a village in between Bath and Bristol on the A4. Please go to the contact page for more location information..

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